During the 2014 summer boating season, 31 members of the Rainbow Lake Association volunteered to greet and educate recreational boaters at the NYS boat launch at the Buck Pond Campground.  This broad support permitted RLA volunteers to staff the launch seven Fridays and Labor Day.  Typically, the volunteer steward team covered a 3-hour shift, with 3 teams providing coverage for 9 hours.  Our association has been complementing the professional stewards in this endeavor for eight consecutive years.

Labor Day volunteers

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Charma and Eric Behnke; Tom and Pat Willis

 Tom and Pam Timbe; Wayne and Betty Tucker



Our volunteers encountered 81 boating parties with over 180 individuals.  It was impressive to us that only 6 boaters were unaware of the menace of invasive species to our Rainbow waterway.  This season our volunteers had available for reference the 2013 list of Adirondack waters with aquatic invasive species.  It is our goal to keep the Rainbow Lake Waterway off that list! 

Once again, the members of the RLA express their gratitude to Professor Eric Holmlund and his staff at Paul Smiths College. This season marks the tenth consecutiveyear that their leadership has rallied a broad coalition of conservation-minded people to lake stewardship.


Jim Hauber, Joe Deignan

Rainbow Lake Steward Coordinators