Eurasion Milfoil Watch

Wow! The survey reports are in, and Adirondack waters fared well under the careful watch of dedicated volunteers from both near and far. There were no new invasions of aquatic invasive plants reported this survey season - the first since the monitoring program's inception!

Here are the preliminary survey stats:

In the 2007 survey season:
90 lakes and ponds were surveyed (79 lakes received repeat surveys, 11 lakes were added to the program this year), by 136 volunteers (65 volunteers continued their participation in the program, and 71 volunteers were new this year), who logged over 720 hours.

193 discrete lakes have been surveyed since the beginning of the monitoring program in 2002, and 303 volunteers have logged nearly 3,000 hours conducting early detection surveys.

I'm so very grateful for your help to protect Adirondack waters from invasive species. Invasives are a long-term challenge, and your role in the Park's long-term monitoring program is essential for success. Thank you! If you helped to organize a team of volunteers, please be sure to share my gratitude with them too!

Hilary Oles
Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program
The Nature Conservancy - Adirondack Chapter
PO Box 65
Keene Valley, New York 12943

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