The Rainbow Lake Association Fishing Committee has done quite a bit over the years to help maintain a high quality to our fisheries here in the Rainbow Lake chain of lakes. The Rainbow Lake Chain contains a great variety of fish and among the species are: Bullheads, Crappie, Yellow Perch, Bluegills, Sunfish, Great Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Whitefish, Walleye Pike and a variety of minnows.

The Rainbow Lake Association and the State of New York Fisheries Department of the DEC have been working in a partnership to try to develop a Walleye Pike fishery in Rainbow Lake. The membership has purchased Walleye fingerlings from a private source for several years and the State Department followed up with additional stocking. The last stocking by the State was on September 19, 2006 where 7,400 fingerlings were released into Rainbow Lake. A survey will be done by the DEC Fishery Department in 2010 to determine the success of the venture.

The cooperation of the fishermen and women is very important if we are to have a Walleye fishery in Rainbow Lake. It is imperative that the following information is followed and complied with:

1. It takes approximately 5 years for a Walleye to achieve a 21 inch size. No fish should be harvested that is less than 18 inches.

2. Males grow to 21 inches and any fish above 21 inches are females and are the necessary breeders for a successful fishery and definitely should NOT be harvested and should be released if caught in order for the fish to spawn.

3. There are an adequate number of Small and Large Mouth Bass in Rainbow Lake and therefore there will be no stocking of Bass for a while and especially due to the finding of the VHS Virus in some of the fish in some Adirondack Lakes. It requires a test to determine if:

Any VHS is contained in any fingerlings that are to be stocked and the price of the test is approximately $1,000.00.

The studies of the temperatures of the Adirondack lakes over the years definitely indicates a rise in temperature of the waters. This has had a very negative effect on many of the Trout species normally found in our lakes. Bass, Northern Pike and Perch along with Lake Trout seem to be able to cope with the warmer waters and are thriving. This change in temperature reflecting global warming will cause changes in the species of fish that will be found in the lakes. Migration due to damming and the removal of Dams and the interconnecting of rivers and canals and lakes also effect the populations of invasive species of fish that will be found in our lakes. Balast dumping by ships and the launching of pleasure boats, fishing boats, canoes, kayaks and personal watercraft also transfer roe and fish from one area to another. It is important to be sure that all vessels are cleaned before launching into our Lake.

Any form of lead sinkers or accessories are forbidden to be used in our lake and practicing catch and release will aid in maintaining our fine fishery.

Enjoy fishing but keep in mind the information above so that we may enjoy fishing for generations to come!

Lionel Schuman, Fishing Committee of Rainbow Lake